Hypnosis and Pure Hypnoanalysis

There are many myths about hypnosis which can sound rather intimidating! Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which is actually very pleasant. It is also a very natural state which everyone enters potentially several times a day.

Have you ever found yourself day dreaming about something to the point where you actually ‘wake up’ and return back to where you are? Well that is you going into and returning back from a state of hypnosis.

During hypnosis, you are always in control and always able to bring yourself out of it should you wish to. You are NEVER under someone else’s power or control.

Pure Hypnoanalysis

As the name suggests Pure Hypnoanaysis is an analytical therapy which is specifically designed to get to the bottom of issues which people are experiencing. It is particularly effective in treating anxiety, sexual problems, depression, panic attacks and a whole host of emotional problems which give a huge variety of symptoms.

This can be explained by the ‘cause and effect’ way of looking at things. Any symptom displayed by a person must have a cause. A good way to explain this is to look at the grieving process. The grieving process involves a whole host of emotions. There is sadness, anger, sometimes guilt sometimes happiness. These emotions arrive whenever the person who has died comes to mind or the memories of them are triggered by something (a song, a smell or a favourite place). As a general rule over a period of time (often about 2 years) these emotions become less and less strong until it is possible to think of the person without becoming upset and life feels more ‘normal’.

The difference between this ‘natural’ process and something like a phobia is that a phobia appears to be more permanent. If someone is afraid of spiders at the age of 13 the chances are they will still be afraid of spiders at 30 regardless of how much logical reasoning they have applied to this fear. This phobia does not get worked through over time and in fact can get worse. We can infer from this that what is at work is something other than a ‘normal’ reaction to a big event or change.

What is happening is that the anxious behaviour or phobia is actually a symptom of an anxiety which is not obvious on a conscious level. Everything which has happened to us in our lives is stored in our memories with the vast majority of it in our subconscious mind. This means we don’t remember it on a conscious level but it is still there, stored away. To go back to my example of ‘normal’ grief, the process moves by the feeling of emotions triggered by the memories. When it comes to these subconscious memories, the emotions will come up but the actual memory is too deeply buried to be associated consciously. However these emotions must go somewhere and so they latch on to something else. A fearful subconscious memory therefore becomes a fear of spiders or of flying.

Everyone has these subconscious memories, but the effect they have on our lives depends on what they are and the level of emotion attached to them. Many people will go through life not being adversely affected and can cope with whatever is flung at them.

However many people find they are living with a level of anxiety which makes life difficult for them and is getting in the way of what they want to achieve from life. Someone who wishes to have a successful international career can be severely hampered by a phobia of flying which despite their best efforts at logical reasoning just will not go away. Even if they can remember the first time they could not get on a plane, this will not help to resolve the problem. That’s because the real cause is buried so deeply in the subconscious that it cannot be remembered at all in the normal way of remembering events.

What Pure Hypnoanalysis can do is to find these buried memories and events and allow them to come up into conscious memory and be released so that the symptoms they are causing can go and allow us to live the lives we want free from the shackles of real but illogical anxieties and phobias.